Landluft schnuppern beim Sonnentor Bio-Kräuterbauern

Hi Summer

Pack, harvest, write/edit and drive back. I don't have any appetite to pack my belongings. A final word, going back to the beginning of this unique week and citing the company lead: transparence - it's how the interest is termed.

The blowing of drying air through yesterday's harvest of mint will be stopped by early afternoon. When this naturally organic crop goes to SONNENTOR, seven to eight euro netto per kilo mint are to stay with the supplier.


On this final day, senior and me are harvesting the first 2012 potato. Apart from the species termed Ditta, the dry soil yields the Austrian-made species Christa. We work by hand. As a matter of fact, the potato’s skin is still that vulnerable that mechanic harvesting would harm it. It’s a meagre output this year: a potato plant used to grow many more than four to six pieces right now (Luuk, Ditta makes 1 euro per kilo here).


I’m writing this final day of Landluft Schnuppern in English. I have to think of SONNENTOR company and myself, and who knows, the future may bring me to third countries – potentially in connection to this company - where I can thus point at this reference. International relations & corps diplomatique, Marco.


At the same time, I learned from Franz that all the SONNENTOR input comes out of Austria and Southern Germany (Danube basin) and a bit from Kassel in Germany as well as from projects in Romania (Danube country as well) and Albania. As we bring the potatoes home, it appears that two Sonnentor cars are parked before the house and farm. The other one is driven by Franz, who’s working as a mediator between the farming suppliers and the rather remote company in Sprögnitz. He’s read the blog - thanks, Franz. I guess particularly his listening ears serve the different parties in particular: listening to the voice of the earth.


While the final hour with the Pergers is approaching, I’m given a fair share of the fresh potatoes. Hmmm! They would have given me a bunch of the praised eggs as well, were it not, travelling with a rucksack containing working clothes and yet full of Austria’s best makes this a risky enterprise. A basket full of delicious products emerges out of the kitchen. It contains SONNENTOR-delicacies, home-made marmelade and savoury conserves, vegetables from the greenhouse as well as a huge jar of honey from the local apiculturist. Many, many thanks to all!


A - Mitgift


Sonja, if you want, I’ll make up a German version. Enjoy Saturday’s town run. Thanks for your splendid accompaniment. Not to forget to thank Hotel Schwarzalm for its perfect service. Think of this particular hat at disposition in a personally styled room, the organic soap and shampoo . . . Time is due now to pass the stick down to the July and August participants. Good luck to you and let us keep in touch.


Peter de Bourgraaf, Bruck an der Leitha and Zwettl, June 2012

Anne-Kathrin , Samstag, 23. Juni 2012, 10:31


froh und dankbar, den Peter in seinem eigentlichen Element zu sehen.
Beim Miterleben aus der Ferne kommt man nicht umhin, sich eine Fortsetzung zu wünschen ...


Sonja, Samstag, 23. Juni 2012, 11:01

Dear Peter

Thank you for everything - the text is more than fine, just enjoy the last hours in the Waldviertel... it was a pleasure for us and we wish you all the best and a lot of sunny moments also in future.

SKPG, Samstag, 23. Juni 2012, 11:18


Mit großer Freude lesen wir Ihre Geschichten. Wir genossen auch Ihre schönen Fotos.
Das sind tolle Erinnerungen.


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